Welcome to NC SPICE™

A little seasoning makes everything better!™

NC SPICE™ is a first-of-its-kind nonprofit organization fusing the public interest focus of traditional law firm incubators with the scalability pioneered in the information technology industry. We are a group of legal professionals, educators, and community leaders, all dedicated to improving access to our court system with the help of attorneys in solo and small practice.

Founded in April 2012, we strive to create a world where high-quality legal representation is both affordable and accessible to all who need it, as service-minded attorneys are nurtured to become skilled advocates in their profession and embrace “giving while living” in their communities.

In carrying out our charitable mission, NC SPICE focuses on enhancing the affordability, accessibility, and quality of legal services by:

  • Promoting public service: Cost is the single largest factor in determining whether someone can obtain representation in solving a legal problem. NC SPICE embraces a commitment to pro bono publico service to those who otherwise could not afford an attorney, and we require our members to provide a minimum number of pro bono hours of legal representation each month in exchange for the office support services that NC SPICE offers.
  • Promoting legal entrepreneurship: On top of cost, the availability of competent attorneys is also often an obstacle. NC SPICE recognizes attorneys in solo and small practice (firms of 10 attorneys or less) provide the majority of law-related services to the public, and we help those attorneys build community-focused firms by offering office support services, assistance with business plan development, access to experienced mentors in the legal field, and so on.
  • Promoting practical education: Most new attorneys leave law school with an understanding of the substantive law in a preferred field, but little (if any) knowledge of the practice of law and what it takes to operate a law firm. NC SPICE provides regular seminars to its members covering subjects in law practice management and similar topics, and also offers Continuing Legal Education courses on topics in substantive law to its members and the public.